Who We Are

iCannaMed is a cannabis tech startup founded by two New York entrepreneurs who saw a need to help spread the legal and safe use of medicinal marijuana  and to improve the lives of NY residents whose health conditions were being inadequately addressed with conventional medicine. We then partnered with knowledgeable and reputable New York State Licensed Medical Practitioners to provide medical consultations for eligible NYS residents seeking a Certification for the legal use of Medical Marijuana. We uphold the same standards as your primary care physician or any other doctor you would trust to care for your health. Our Medical Practitioners are required to practice medicine in full and complete compliance with established legally mandated practice standards.


We strive to become a better type of company by valuing Principles over Profit (PoP).  This simply means that at the end of the day, your well-being and satisfaction matter more to us than the profit we make from your purchase of our goods and services. Hence, our company is built on three foundational principles: 

1) Make medicinal marijuana more accessible by offering people the ability to have a medical consultation online from the privacy and convenience of their own home through their smartphones or computer.

No traveling to Medical Offices. No waiting rooms. 

2) Make medicinal marijuana more affordable by offering lower prices & price-matching, AND

3) Educate and Increase public awareness about the qualities of medicinal marijuana so that people can make informed decisions about whether it is truly appropriate for them.

Med. Records Fax:
(347) 230-5453


Manhattan, NY 10001